10 Days Best of Uganda Safari

The 10 days best of Uganda safari will take you through some of the best tourism destinations in the country. Experience the powerful force of Murchison falls, interact with both the chimpanzees and magical gorillas, witness the impressive climbing lions of Ishasha, and meet wonderful locals all in the span of a thrilling 10 days.

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Transfer to Murchison Falls National Park

Set off from Kampala after a night’s rest and refreshing breakfast to Murchison falls national park in the northwest of Uganda. This is the largest gazetted wildlife conservation area in Uganda and derives its name from the most powerful falls on earth. In addition to this grand attraction, the park is haven for over 450 bird species and at least 76 mammal species that roam its savannah plains.

Your eyes will never be at rest in one place as the road to the park always keeps you on the edge of your seat with astonishing sights of the countryside which is just a taste of what you will meet in Murchison falls national park. Have a couple of stopovers along the road to stretch your legs plus sip in the calming beauty around you.

Take a break for lunch in Masindi before heading out on a short drive to top of the falls. If interested, a stopover can be organized at Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary the only abode of rhinos in Ugandan wilderness. A visit here guarantees that you will most probably meet all the big five that live in Uganda. At the top of falls, get thrilled by observing the River Nile while forcing its way through an 8m chasm and then plunge 45 meters below as it proceeds with its path to the Mediterranean Sea. After witnessing this phenomenon you will resume the journey to your lodging, check-in and have a savory dinner and prepare for tomorrow’s activities.

Day 2: Game drive and Nile Boat cruise

On the second day, you will awake to musical notes of the birds and the pure air of the Ugandan wilderness. After hearty breakfast, embark on a sunrise game drive. This is one of the highlights of any Uganda safari. As you delivered an opportunity to encounter various animals like the king of the jungle, giraffe, elephant and Buffalo to birds like the African fish eagle near the banks and interesting plant life sprawling across the park.

Your tour guide will endeavor to take you along the best tracks and spots where you can easily meet the animals. Don’t forget to carry your best camera to capture great pictures to act as souvenirs to be taking a memorable safari.

After your morning drive, retreat to your lodge where a luscious lunch will be waiting for you. You may settle for some rest as you wait for the afternoon boat cruise along River Nile. The boat cruise carries you to the bottom of these ranging water falls.

While on the cruise, keep on the lookout for varied animals like elephants, waterbucks, big schools of hippos, buffaloes and crocodiles as this is a hotspot for animals to quench their thirst or just cool off. Numerous bird species such as the African fish eagles, bee-eaters, storks, among others also reside near the river. While at the bottom, you will have an amazing time appreciating the grand waterfalls. You will retreat to the lodge for dinner and rest from the day’s activities.

Day 3: Transfer from Murchison Falls to Kibale Forest & Afternoon visit to Isunga community

After relishing an early delightful breakfast, check out of the lodge and set off to Kibale Forest the primate capital of East Africa in western Uganda. You will leisurely cruise through the peaceful and beautiful western Uganda countryside which makes the transfer even more exciting. Partake an en-route lunch in Fort portal and proceed to your accommodation while having wonderful views of the Rwenzori ranges. You will be welcomed and check-in at your lodge.

Later in the evening, go for a cultural encounter in the Isunga community to experience the Batooro and Bakiga culture, dances, history and delicious cuisine. You will have cultural dances and performances plus dinner then return to your lodge and wait to continue your adventure next morning.

Day 4: Kibale Forest – Morning Chimpanzee trekking and transfer to Queen Elizabeth National Park

On the fourth day of your 10 days Uganda safari, wake up very early to grab a quick breakfast before heading to the park headquarters for briefing about chimpanzees, the tracking procedures and conservation efforts to protect these amazing creatures and the entire forest. After briefing head off into the forest to start the quest for chimpanzees.

Kibale forest is among the fascinating destinations in Uganda and is tagged as the primate capital of East Africa for harboring different primate species like chimpanzees, rare monkey species, baboons and also a good spot for birding.

Rising early in the morning gives you a chance to encounter chimpanzees as they go about their day’s activities in a natural environment. From grooming each other, playing with juveniles, looking for food, and bonding with each other. Chimps are very intriguing creatures and fun to watch as they share almost 98% of our DNA. An encounter with them rewards guests with an unforgettable experience on your Ugandan trip. After your lunch, you will transfer to the Queen Elizabeth national park where you will arrive and have a fine dinner and overnight rest.

Day 5: Game drive & Launch cruise – Queen Elizabeth National Park

Relish an early breakfast and embark on a game drive in Kasenyi track – the most charming game track in the park. On this safari drive you are presented with amazing opportunities to encounter different mammals from lions, antelopes, elephants, buffaloes, giraffes, and if you are lucky, you may get to see the elusive leopards and remarkable bird species.

Queen Elizabeth has one of the most diverse ecosystems, ranging from Savannah, forest, wetlands and lake ecosystems plus a record of more than 600 bird species identified in the park.

With this combination, its panorama is impressive with crater lakes like the famous lake Nyamunuka and forests of the Kyambura gorge to mention a few. After your game drive retreats retreat to the lodge for an awaited lunch and unwind. In the late afternoon have a boat cruise on the famous Kazinga channel listed among the highlights of visiting the park. Take pleasure in observing different water birds together with their echoing sweet sounds and animals such as hippos, African crocodiles, waterbucks, buffaloes among others. After experiencing the true wilderness, drive back to the lodge for a night’s rest and dinner.

Day 6: Forest Walks and Chimpanzee tracking

On the sixth day of your 10 days Uganda safari you will awake to an amazing breakfast as the previous days and set out for a guided and thrilling forest walk In the Maramagambo forest. This beautiful forest is haven to a good number of bird species, if you’re lucky you can come across the striking African rock pythons and the must-see bat caves.

In addition, track chimpanzees in the Kyambura gorge and have a second encounter with these cunning creatures. After your chimpanzee tracking in the Kyambura gorge return to the lodge, have a pleasant lunch as you await for another exhilarating game drive in the evening through the park.

Day 7: Transfer to Bwindi Impenetrable Forest

On the seventh day of your 10 days Uganda safari, after a refreshing breakfast, you will check out of your room with the assistance of the staff and your guide and start on the transfer to Bwindi impenetrable national park. On your way, you will cross and have a stopover in the Ishasha sector to explore tree-climbing lions famous as they are only a few of these lions in the world. After this short break proceeds to Bwindi National Park home to at least 120 mammal species and over 346 bird species among others.

Bwindi has a diverse ecosystem and is believed to be one of the places to have survived the last ice age. You partake in lunch en route and resume your journey southwards. This part of your trip will take you across the countryside blessed with impressive views of farmland from meticulously organized tea and banana plantations that blend in with the unforgettable landscape of the area. On arrival at the park you will check-in, wash off the journey strain with a cold beverage or shower, or just relax as you wait for dinner later in the evening. Try to grab some sleep as you look forward to the breathtaking and memorable gorilla tracking experience.

Day 8: Gorilla tracking and Community walk

On the eighth day of your 10 days Uganda safari, wake up early to a sizzling cup of coffee or tea. Thereafter meet at the park headquarters with your guide for a briefing on gorillas and the park. This will also encompass the guidelines of what to do while on the track like not littering and when you finally meet the magnificent gentle against like keep a safe distance of 7ms, keeping minimal noise, no feeding or scaring the gorillas to list a few.

After your briefing set out for gorilla tracking under the misty and almost impenetrable Bwindi forest, trekking usually lasts for 2-6 hours depending on how far the gorillas moved since their last known location. Only an hour is granted to trekkers when you meet the gorillas finally. This one hour has been listed as one of the golden moments to experience as a human being.

Interact with the gentle giants and return to the lodge, have lunch if you and relax after the arduous tracking experience. In the evening, have a community walk to interact with the Batwa, a group of indigenous people that have inhabited the Bwindi forest for several years until the forest was gazette for conservation purposes. Enjoy and if interested participate in their traditional dances and return to the lodge for a mouthwatering Dinner and night sleep.

Day 9: Transfer to Lake Mburo National Park & Afternoon boat cruise

On the ninth day of your 10 days Uganda safari, have a leisurely heartwarming breakfast, check out and head off to Lake Mburo National Park. The smallest Savannah national park in Uganda. The transfer usually takes 5to 7 hours’ drive depending on the speed you use. You will pass through impressive views in Kabale of terraced farmlands, hills, and forests among others.

Briefly stop in Mbarara city for lunch before continuing to your destination. You will be welcomed by mixed animals such giraffes, Zebras, buffaloes, impalas, Topis, warthogs, and reedbucks among others that have made this park home.

On arrival, quickly check in and embark on your boat cruise to one of the relaxing lakes due to its calm waters, numerous bird species & animals that relax your spirit while lifting your soul at the same time. You won’t miss out on the countless hippos, crocodiles, and other mammals like zebras that align its shores. Retreat for dinner and rest.

Day 10: Transfer back to Kampala

On the last day of your ten-day Uganda safari wake early for one final game drive into this Savannah haven to look for number plate animals like zebras, envelopes, Impalas, and Rothschild giraffe. You will have a picnic breakfast in this peaceful ambiance. Endeavor to carry a decent camera to capture some souvenirs of one of Uganda’s pure wilderness destinations.

After your game drive begin a transfer off to Kampala and a stopover in Kayabwe for the Equator experience, lunch and grab souvenirs. Hereafter drive nonstop to Kampala where you will arrive in the evening. You will be dropped at the airport for your return flight. This will mark the end of your 10 days exhilarating  best of Uganda safari.

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