3 Days Akagera Wildlife Safari in Rwanda

Unforgettable wildlife encountered are practically guaranteed during our classic 3-day Akagera Wildlife Safari in Rwanda. By exploring the country’s largest National Park and undoubtedly the only savannah-dominating protected Area, be sure of seeing high concentration of African game, unmatched viewing experiences and relaxation in one of the top Safari Lodges/Tented Camps.

From the loud roar of a lion to the frightening size of the Nile Crocodiles, our 3 days Rwanda Wildlife Safari in Akagera N/P doesn’t only make it possible but also exciting to discover the wide range of animals that call the spectacular Akagera National Park home in the company of an experienced local guide.

Whether solo, small group, couple, family, luxury or classic travellers, this trip is just perfect for you. There are numerous possibilities of encountering herds of elephants, buffaloes, Kobs, bushbucks, Cape elands, warthogs, Oribis, impalas, Burchell’s zebras, Defassa waterbucks as well as prides of lions, spotted hyenas and leopards among others.

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Arrive into Rwanda and travel to Eastern part of the country

Guests are met at Kigali International Airport on arrival into Rwanda (between morning and afternoon) for the short 2-hour journey to the spectacular Eastern part of the country, where Akagera National Park is located. In this Park, you will be staying 2 nights within one of the wilderness Safari Lodges/Tented Camps set in the delightful savannah environment to begin your Rwanda Wildlife Safari.

Spend the entire evening relaxing at the place of lodging or taking a simple nature walk around the Lodge. Be treated to a delicious meal and quiet night with only sounds of nature.

Day 2: Wildlife safari in Akagera National Park

On day 2, indulge in a hearty breakfast of fresh tropical fruits, delicious pastries, freshly squeezed juice and coffee/tea from the fertile soils of Rwanda. Your safari driver will then pick you up for the game drive in Akagera National Park. As you leave the Lodge, your wildlife sighting journey starts there and then with views of Kobs, Defassa waterbucks, Rhinos, leopards, spotted hyenas, elands, Topis, warthogs, Masai giraffes, Burchell’s zebras and many others. Your game drive in the middle of the wilderness of more intense as more animals are encountered and interestingly, birding opportunities are also unmatched as Grey-browned cranes, secretary birds, Tawny eagles and many others are occasionally seen.

Settle for a hot meal at the Safari Lodge before heading for another wildlife safari activity-Boat ride on Lake Ihema. Here you will be torn between watching the numerous birds along the shores of the Lake and spotting animals especially Hippos and crocodiles basking along the shores. The sunset views will just make your wildlife viewing experience unforgettable and in the evening gather around glowing fire at the place of lodging while reminiscing about your day’s experiences.

Day 3: End of 3 days classic Rwanda Wildlife Safari in Akagera National Park

After a hot cup of tea/coffee, snacks and fruits, have a recap of the game drive to see animals that were missed the previous days. Use this opportunity to capture your last photos before having lunch, then starting the journey back to Kigali and this will mark the end of your 3 days Rwanda Wildlife Safari in Akagera National Park.

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