4 Days Nyungwe Primates Safari

Visit Nyungwe forest national park, home to 13 primate species where you will be involved in a search for chimpanzees. Nyungwe forest is one of the old rainforests in Africa and the beautiful scenery it has cannot live you unhappy. On your Nyungwe Primates Safari you will take part in different activities like chimpanzee tracking, canopy walk and visit some attractions in the city of Kigali such as visiting the Richard Kandt museum, genocide memorial grounds, local markets and shopping malls. The canopy walk exposes you to a long bridge of 200m long and 160m high hence enjoying the cool breeze and rewarding sighting of the lush Nyungwe forest.

Day 1: Arrival and city tour around Kigali, transfer to your hotel

The tour drive guide will welcome you from the airport and takes you through a short briefing regarding Rwanda’s weather, the people and culture and also answer any questions arising regarding the itinerary of this Nyungwe Primates Safari.

After he will take you to one of the biggest supermarkets in the country to purchase what you might use during the safari. City excursions will follow such as visiting the genocide memorial grounds, the area that showcases the film on how over 1,000,000 people perished during the 1994 Rwandan genocide. Head and visit Kimironko market that displays local foodstuffs and fruits and handmade crafts. Later proceed to a hotel in Rwanda to rest and a massage can be arranged on request.

Day 2: Road trip to Nyungwe National Park

Wake up and take breakfast while your private driver-guide is loading luggage in the vehicle. When you are done, the driver guide will take you to Nyungwe national park through the dotted Hills of Rwanda with beautiful plantations that offer a great scenery. Nyungwe forest national park is one of the oldest rainforests that presents an opportunity to visitors for primate viewing.

Chimpanzee tracking and canopy walk makes the park to be known but also the beautiful scenery accompanied by cool breeze. On a lazy drive, the journey to this park takes about 5 hours as you take several stopovers like King’s palace tour in Nyanza, local roadside markets and pass through lush tea plantations, perfect for photography. On arrival, you will check in the accommodation and rest for the rest of the time while preparing for the next day’s adventure.

Day 3: Chimpanzee tracking and canopy walk

You will head to the park offices in Nyungwe national park after breakfast. After entering into the jungle with the guidance of the park ranger and the trail won’t be long, you will meet your cousins-chimpanzees in a troop. Follow the troop for an hour to have a complete experience of chimpanzee tracking.

You will realize that as they keep moving and climbing trees, make noise and others will be playing and maybe the mother breastfeeding. You will then trek out of the jungle and head to the lodge for a break and lunch.

In the afternoon, you will undertake yet another mighty activity, canopy walk. This is a bridge, suspended in the air for 160m high and 200m long, giving a great experience as you view the primates crossing from one side to another like the black and white colobus monkeys, red-tailed monkeys, red colobus monkeys and grey cheeked mangabeys. Different bird species will be spotted or heard sighing in the forest. After the great adventure, head back to the lodge.

Day 4: Transfer back to Kigali and drop off at Kigali International Airport

Make yourself ready with your luggage and the private guide-driver will take you to Kigali city. This will be a lazy drive, depending on your scheduled flight. The guide will drop you at the airport and this will be the end of your 4 days Nyungwe Primates Safari.

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