South Africa is one of the best safari destinations in the whole world. From its wildly outstanding game drives where you can easily encounter all the big five, beautiful climate that supports a richly diverse ecosystem, its lagoons and boasting of the world’s best on-land site to watch whales and first-world transport network only challenged by a few other countries on the continent.  All this combines to create outstanding safaris that attract thousands of guests to South Africa.

If you have been planning for an African safari you can easily choose from the various options South Africa has to offer and you won’t be disappointed. We will look at a couple of the most popular safaris to help you paint a clear picture of the amazing experiences you create on a South African safari.

Big 5 Safari experience in Kruger National Park

Over 90% of all travelers to Africa dream to meet Africa’s Big 5 (elephant, leopard, rhino, buffalo, and lion) in the wild. South Africa is blessed with a handful of wilderness destinations where you can encounter all the big five in a day in their natural environment. This has been achieved, thanks to the notable and hard efforts to conserve its biological areas in form of national parks and private reserves like Thorny bush, Dulini, Lion Sands and so much more.

Marine Safaris at Grootbos Private Nature Reserve

For the water and beach lovers South Africa has you covered as you explore its stunning marine life. This experience is best achieved at Grootbos Private Nature Reserve. Its strategic locations set it over the Walker Bay well known for offering the world’s superb on-land whale-watching, horse-riding and cruise trips to get right in the middle of the action.

Visitors get near and face-to-face encounters with dolphins, seals, charming penguins, and for extreme adventure, lovers shark cage dives can be arranged to cap off a beautiful marine experience.

Desert Safari in Tswalu Kalahari

Tswalu Kalahari makes you rethink the definition of the desert. This property offers extraordinary desert safaris on an area stretching to over 100,000 hectares with extremely incredible activities from game drives, horse-riding, stargazing, and dune picnics. However, for most guests, main highlight is encountering the semi-habituated meerkats and later sleep out under the spectacular African desert skies and cool breeze.

Unique and memorable experiences

South Africa boasts endless marvels and adventures. From adventure packages like shark cage diving, big five game drives, bungee jumping, horse riding, hiking, and organized tourist facilities, it’s tough to compare it with neighbors and other African safari destinations. A South African adventure will leave you awestruck at the beautiful memories and fun a simple and single activity as whale watching can create.


South Africa safaris are the perfect example of value for your money. With packages that cater to different types of people from luxury, budget, and midrange, it is the perfect destination you can enjoy an incredible Safari even with a limited budget.

You can have splendid game drives, desert camping and city tours as well as famous places like Kruger national park, Cape Town, or the Drakensberg for as low as 450 US dollars. This is because the South African rand matches well with dominant world currencies like the dollar, euro and British pound.

Exceptional infrastructure

South Africa unlike other African countries has well-established and impressive transport network, from roads and chartered flights to attractions like game parks, adequate tourist facilities such as a decent banking system spread countrywide, and the best of accommodation at affordable prices.

All these create a valid reason to choose a South African safari as you will get comfort, fun, and value for your money without risking foregoing one at the expense of the other.

Best time to undertake a South African safari

A safari to South Africa is mostly recommended between May and September, unlike other African countries where the best months are June to October. May and September are the cooler months of winter with terrific conditions for exploring the bigger game.

On the other hand, the best time for birding is from November to February though it’s the rainy season. However, temperatures are friendly between 20°C to 23°C. The best time for whale watching runs from July to November and it’s advisable to plan ahead of time as it tends to attract many visitors.

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