The jaw-dropping scenery (marked by breathtaking towering mountains, tranquil white sand beaches, fast flowing Rivers/streams through the dense jungles, Turquoise seas), World popular sumptuous cuisines, local and exotic culture, numerous beautiful Palaces and Temple, the long history as well as riveting archeological sites make Thailand Safaris every traveler’s bucket list adventure.

Friendliness of Thai people make these safaris even magical and it is not surprising that Thailand is popularly referred as the “land of smiles”.

Bangkok River Cruises

The beautiful City of Bangkok is naturally the first place you could think of when undertaking Thailand Safaris. It is teeming with natural attractions where religious temple are set side by side with canals as well as local markets.

Travellers here are treated to breathtaking temple and Canals, vibrant local markets and exciting nightlife that cater for the needs of every visitor during Thailand Safaris. Tourists are offered chances of undertaking cruises on Chao Phraya River for sunset, sunrise and day cruises.

Honeymoon in Thailand

When it comes to Honeymoon during Thailand Safaris, the country boasts of three outstandingly different regions offering exceptional attractions and experiences. Whether you are interested in the urban kind of honeymoon marked by street feeds, shopping and thrilling nightlife, just check-out Bangkok City but if your idea of a honeymoon is immersing yourself in local culture, don’t miss the magical Chiang Mai. For travellers that prefer honeymoon getaway marked by sun and sand, then try out the southern Islands.

Golf during Thailand Safaris

If your pastime or leisure activity is playing Golf, then undertaking Thailand Safaris is a good idea because the country is comprised of wonderfully numerous golf courses with stunning views, but the most popular being the Blue Canyon Golf Course found in Phuket. Other places such as Chiang Mai, Bangkok and Pattaya also boast of excellent golf courses worth trying out.

Undertake leisurely strolls through Pak Klong Talad Market within Bangkok

Pak Klong Talad Market in Bangkok is one of the World’s renowned flower markets with different colorful and aromatic flower species that will leave you open-mouthed. You will for sure be spoilt for choice and even buy some of the affordable flowers.

Boat Trips in Phuket

Phuket is one of the most incredible Islands of Thailand and undoubtedly the largest. The best way to explore and uncover its natural beauty is undertaking boat trips, in form of half day and full fay tours. You will also get to tour one of the temples to understand their religious significance and why they hold deep meaning to Thai people.

Practice culinary skills at a traditional Thai cooking class

There is no better way to enjoy Thailand Safaris then discovering the deep secrets of traditional Thai cooking within the teak wooden houses fringed by awe-inspiring gardens as well as organic farms within Chiang Mai. For these tours, also undertake tours of a local market to sample some of the local cuisines, buy fresh herbs from the farms, which you will use to prepare your own meal under the supervision of experienced Chefs.

Learn about Buddhism

Thailand Safaris without meeting a local monk to learn about Buddhism is meaningless and therefore to make it complete, visit one of the Temples on Chiang Mai where a local Buddhist Monk will be met. Learn and deeply understand about this religion, its sacred traditions and many other aspects against the spectacular backdrop of the Temple’s beautiful golden chedi.

Other fascinating highlights for Thailand safaris include unwinding at the beachfront in Phuket, to mention but a few.

Packing for Thailand Safaris

What you pack for your Thailand Safari largely depends in the nature of tour you have chosen as well as part of the country your adventure is based. However, must-have things are documents (visa if required, insurance information, vaccination certificates, flight details and passport), first aid kit, toiletries (hand sanitizer, toothbrush and toothpaste, wet wipes, sanitary towels for female travellers, hand towels, deodorant, lotion and hair combs), lightweight and waterproof backpack, wide brim hat, swimwear, re-usable water bottle, along pants,  sleep wear, good camera with extra batteries, mobile phone, flashlight, sunglasses, rain jacket, sandals and many others.

When to undertake Thailand Safaris?

The ideal time to undertake Thailand Safaris is during dry months of November, December, January, February, March and early April when temperatures are between 29 ˚C and 32˚C. But nonetheless, Thai safaris can be conducted all year round because climate significantly varies throughout the country.

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